Are You Smarter Than An Ancient Athenian?

Deducing intelligence level from brain size is an idiot’s errand yet some modern humans feel up to the task. Count me in. Much is being made of Gerald Crabtree’s article Our Fragile Intellect in the journal Trends in Genetics in which he claims an ancient Athenian would be the brightest of the bunch today. I would wager that if such an average Athenian were to suddenly appear among us it is highly likely he would be a boring buffoon.

New Species Discovered in East Africa

As reported in the New York Times, new fossils discovered in Kenya confirm MANY homo species hung out in East Africa two million years ago. It wasn’t just our big brained, tool using, standing to attention ancestors. We had company. The new species is thus far being referred to 1470. As boring a name as […]